18 May 2019

Ramadan again

This is Halal Ground Beef
Shaped and formed into a kabob
So it can be grilled. 

I end up paying for the heat. 

I Snaked ALL DAY 
In case I ended up with bites. 
Which I did. 

My new hobby is sleeping. 

Two hours PP

And that is the extent 
of my Ramadan involvement 
For this year. 

The rice is yummy. 
Also gummy. 
It’s the sticky rice. 
Jasmin? Basmati? 

And it has lentils and berries
And nuts. Oh my! 

I suspect my BG stayed low 
because I’m insulin dumping. 

All that sugar has to go somewhere! 
Stored as fat? 
Water gain? 

I’m up 2 + pounds
This morning. 

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