27 May 2019

Memorial Day

I sleep so much better with out
You-Know-What . 
I can’t say the name or it appears. 

Damn. They keep it hot at work. 
Like 86° F 
And we’re just getting started. 

I’ve been called an 
“Introverted Extrovert “
Because I’m shy. 
Until you know me. 


I took one bite of Ramadan food. 
And the heartburn lasted for hours. 
It wa the worst physical pain
I’ve ever had. 
No more bites. 

I have s friend who is quitting drinking. 
I think I’ve inspired him! 

We talk. 
Now, my idea of quitting 
Is not like the standard model. 
If that works for someone, then go ahead. 

I focus on the Ratonal reasons. 
Health. Savings. 
And you just feel better. 
Same goes for quitting junk food
And carbs. 

Eat them. All of them. 
And see how you feel. 

For drinking wine, 
I read to film yourself 
After a few glasses of wine. 
Chances are you won’t like what you see. 

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