11 May 2019

10 years blogging

First of all - yay for me! 
(If I may...)

I have somehow managed 
To keep it between the lines
For 10 whole years! 

Statistics are against us in this realm. 
No one is immune from the dreaded regain. 
And the boring maintenance 
Of life-long weight management. 

A few times I gained 15 or 20 pounds. 
Married life will do that. Lol. 
And separation will also do that. 

Some people bounce back. 
Some people just bounce. 

4 years ago (this month)
I joined the Running Dog Club
And had a Tibial Plateau Fracture. 
Torn ACL, torn MCL, 
And torn meniscus. 

Good time to stay true to 
high protein / low carb!

So for me, it’s always “day one.”
Back to basics. 
 Lots of  Chinese food - no rice. 
Double the meat and half the veggies. 
And no “clarinet reeds”
AKA bamboo shoots.  Heehee!

Ramadan food. 
No rice. 
No spice. 

I am still doing OMAD 
And find it to be the perfect tool. 
One Meal A Day
Almost all Carnivore. 
With some veggies once a week or so. 
And sometimes no veggies at all. 

I do like a good salad now and then. 

Tea is good. 
I try to limit my coffee
And my beloved Monsters. 
I should have bought stock in that company!

Local favorite places and dives. 
Lots of  Hamburgers. 
Hold my buns! 
Occasional Steaks. 
Lots of grilling. 

Lots of Eggs. 
Lots of Bacon! 

I tend to use less recipes 
And just Keep It Simple, Sweetie! 

Lots of traffic. Lots of delays. 
Lots of hours. Lots of  deaths. 
Lots of life going on. 

Lots of time petting the Kittehs! 

Need more “Me” time 
That’s a given! 

A few bites of this 
and it’s like I’m surrounded 
By Oompah Loompahs! 
It’s never worth it. 

Grains are not ever worth it. 
They’re bad for health. 
They’re not a treat. 
They’re not even fit for human consumption. 

Just ask anyone who regains! 

Morning readings. 
Too high. 

Back to basics. 
Every time. 

This is an app called “Fatify”!
It adds up to 200 pounds
To your picture. 
Don’t even want to visualize this! 

But I do indeed look cute with a beard. 
Lol another app.

So thanks, everyone 
For tagging along 
For 10 wonderful years! 

I honestly couldn’t have done it 
without your love and support. 


  1. My blog is dedicated to Dr Robert C Atkins. His vision of a high fat / low carb diet for “the masses” is finally coming true!
    He had the right idea. I love his early books and highly recommend them. Especially Atkins ‘72. The reprint of the original.
    Onward and Downward!

  2. Hi Anne! Congrats on your blogiversary! I've followed you for years but have never commented that I recall. Anyway, I enjoy your blog very much. Cheers!

  3. Congratulations! I had to delete my old blog for “defaming” my ex - no such Rights to Free Speech in the family court system, yo!


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