30 May 2019

please push the button

Steaks for dinner 

Zucchini with Pork Rinds 
and Parmesan Cheese coating. 

Peanut butter Keto cookies. 

Leave at 7, get to work at 8. 
Leave at 645, get to work in 30 minutes. 
So I leave early and take a walk. 

Very unfriendly side of the road. 
What is this for? 

Huge storms. 

Please God, please fire that nasty nurse. 
She told the doctor yesterday 
“We’re old, but we’re good!”
She was speaking for me. Of me. 
In front of a family member and the doctor. 

We got done and went into the hall
,and I confronted her. 
I told her to speak for herself and never 
NEVER call me old
Or anything else meant to be derogatory -
Since I am working circles around her. 

In fact, I went to the doctor 
Because the mother thinks she is so inept, 
She can’t be trusted to tell the truth. 
She only takes credit for other nurses work. 
Namely, mine. 
She can’t even lift the patient. 
I was as mad as a freaking fucking dog. 

The first time I have been 
Back to the Children’s Hospital 
Since Love Dove died. 

Please please please 
Please shoot me in the base of my skull 
If I ever become as grotesque 
And inept as she...
Just put me out of my misery. 
And keep me from injuring innocent patients. 
Nurses like her are why kids die. 


  1. You have a big heart. In my experience most nurses are caring, warm people who give so much that there is not much left for themselves at the end of the day. Unfortunately that means that some burnout and never recover. YOU are not, and I can't see you ever, in that category. You are awesome.

  2. I echo everything that Enz has said. You are a truly good person and a great nurse. So glad you called out nurse nasty once you left the room. Well done you. I'm proud of you and likewise think you are awesome.

  3. Thanks, ladies!
    This poor Nurse. In some ways, I have empathy for her. Real compassion. In other ways I want to wring her thick ass neck.
    Regardless of how we got to this point, something needs to change.
    I appreciate your kind words!


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