20 May 2019

I am outta here

Monday. Off work. 
I’m taking it easy to plan and rest
This month

So I can hit the tiles hard again next month. 
Plus it is raining - which is so nice and cozy. 
And the cats need petted. 
Which is also nice. 

Last year, I had some Ramadan Rice
And this happened. 
I haven’t spiked since. 
My Diabetes is officially in full remission! 

How? By not eating Ramadan Rice! 

This was from 2017. 
It’s time for more labs. 

One ounce of top quality scotch. 
Have some after dinner. 
But not as a sleep aid. 
Alcohol is a sleep disrupter. 

The nurse that “gave” me an extra day
Now wants it back. 
There is no way I’m doing that. 
I need more days. 
Not less. 

I was so upset
Until I remembered 
I have a great tendency to panic. 
Albert Ellis, the father of REBT
-Rational, Rmotional, Behavior Therapy-
Penned this phrase:


So my brain seized upon an idea. 
I can travel! 

Most states have reciprocal relationships 
With the Texas Board Of Nursing! 

I signed up with a Nurse Travel Agency!
I can spend summers in Denver. 
And winters in Phoenix. 

I’d like to imagine I’m forward-thinking. 
No kids. No spouse. 

Adult co-housing. 
Why not travel with the rest of my life?

I’m in fairly good shape. 
And I don’t “act” or look my age. 
I run circles around some 30 year olds. 

Hitting all the high notes today. 
Rightly and in tune. 
Balance. It’s worth the effort!

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