31 August 2018

none too smart

Boss cooked Chicken Bryanni 
On Spaghetti Squash 
In the Instant Pot 
(Which I told her to get)

5 years ago. 

Working on my morning routine. 
Still do my knee work. 
Now it also involves hip work 
And sciatica work. 
Waiting for the vitamins to kick in. 

I once thought a good goal 
Would include a degree 
And a spacious house
With tons of time for leisure and travel. 

Now, I’m just glad to be in a small space
With some good food and 
People who don’t fight. 

I once thought that being Vocational
In any field was for people 
Who couldn’t get a “real” job. 

Now I understand 
That IS a real job. 

Next up- next big goal-
I want to make yogurt!
Not sure if life is good? 
Or boring?
Or if I’m just practicing my serenity
In a fucking crazy world. 

4700 steps yesterday. 
QOD fasting starts this week!
Alternate Day Fasting for September. 


  1. Well. I wanted to make wheat belly yogurt, but someone took my prebiotics. So back to amazon. I’m going to keep them under lock and key, I guess.

  2. Still can’t find them. Honestly. Who swipes probiotics? Sheesh!


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