03 August 2018

a beautiful drive

I was sure we would see some broody 
Pacific Northwest Rain. 

The Columbia River is the east-West border 
between Washington and Oregon. 

I honestly cannot imagine 
What the settlers thought 
After such a long trip -
Seeing such unspeakable beauty. 

At sunset, on a clear day, 
you can see Mount Hood 
perfectly framed by the river and its banks. 

So pretty it looks fake!

Driving east from Portland to Maupin 
The path suddenly climbs in altitude-
And changes to the High Desert. 

Still some smoldering 
from last month’s wildfire. 
It smolders for days and weeks- 
And the whole area smells like a campfire!

A little fall of rain 

People in the PNW love some bonfires! 

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