29 August 2018

I want my baby back

Gotta get the sun 
Every day. 

Fish for Cats. 

The cats never get as much attention 
As when I’m on standby 
For the baby to come home. 

After cashing in some odd coupons
I’m ready for home cooking 
Exclusively now. 

Did Jugo get his?
Lol. Rotten puns. 

I am also quite good at solitaire. 

And I have over 4000 Facebook friends. 
Which means nothing. 
In real life. 

Except for being 
“That Nurse who lost all the weight!”
Seen here in my new Purple Medium Scrubs. 

Because I guess the regain/ relapse rate
Is kinda scary. 
That’s why I still keep this blog going. 
It might help someone. Somewhere. 

Goodness knows, I’ve had a relapse or two. 
10 or 15 pounds shows up 
On me since I’m so short. 
5’2”. I’m almost a Little Person. 
Not good to be toting around 
All that weight. 
Hey Fatty! 

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  1. These cats are such Drama Queens! If they don’t like something, the flounce around all day and throw themselves onto the floor.... like they haven’t eaten in years. If that doesn’t work, they become super affectionate. Like giving kisses and back rubs. Typical lol


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