08 August 2018

hilly walk

Starbucks Roastery. 
No. I didn’t have any!

The original Starbucks location 
Now a Mecca for Moderns. 

My Dallas recruiters called. 
Just to pass some time. 
I love them. 
So glad to have jovial rapport. 
It’s good to be liked and appreciated. 

Ahhhh-  Seattle. 
So pretty and hilly. 
Many of these hills are 45 degrees!
I walked 9500 steps today!
Uphill both ways. 

It’s hot here too. 
A real heat wave. 
Like 95 F. 


  1. Some grades here are like 45 degrees! Amazing!

  2. Seattle is such a nice city to walk through, but oh dear there are so many homeless people there. We took the ferry over to one of the islands on the sound, and there were people sleeping on the ramp to the ferry. Pioneer Square is lovely too, but also lots of homeless people:( I love seeing your pics though, thanks for sharing!


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