23 August 2018

day off

Trying a little experiment. 
I want to cook at home everyday. 
To save some cash 
and have better control over ingredients. 
Eating out can blow your budget! 

Frick and Frack patiently waiting a treat. 

His favorite pose. 

My first 6 years of LC 
I ate hamburger 90% of the time. 
Then, I went through my recipe phase. 
Soup phase. Steak phase. 
Whey phase. And now fasting. 
Almost a year of fasting. 

By FAR, Fasting has been the most beneficial. 
I lost weight, and kept it off 
Despite eating anything I want. 
Even non low carb foods. 
Even junk. 

Fasting is healing. Period. 
I’m a lifelong fan. 

Still haven’t unpacked. 
No real rush. 

On my day off, I do very little work. 
It’s almost evening-  late afternoon- 
and I’m just getting around.

Yesterday I watched Hitchcock movies 
And old Weaterns  all day long. 

Seriously growing my hair. 
I want some kind of style 
For the 40th High School Reunion. 
It’s in like 6 weeks. 
Can’t wait. 

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  1. Certainly not to complain. But Seattle is a very expensive town. For example, in Boston, an Air BnB was like $50 a night. In Seattle, it was $200. And meals. I budgeted $30 a day for food. My budget back home is $10 a day. Well, one good meal, a lavish, expensive one in Seattle was $130!
    2 cups of coffee were always $10 at least.
    So back to the budget. “Lol”


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