25 August 2018

la la la la la la

My current diet is 90% meat
With the occasional salad or veggie. 
I ordered meatloaf. 
They gave me chicken. 
I wasn’t happy. 
An involuntary fast. 

The cat got a few bites, 
but wouldn’t even eat it. 

My new philosophy 

From The Paleo Miracle 

Next time someone want to go have lunch,
It needs to be worth it. 

From Popeye:
Once it lived on an ani-mule
Now it walks around with you
...Everything is Food! 

When Roti is active. Lol 

I woke up today before the alarm. 
So I guess I got my fill of sleep. 

I woke up thinking how 
I have no complaints in life. 
What a joy. No cares in the world. 

No wine, no ulcers, 
No medications, low inflammation,
No pain....7000 steps yesterday!

I’m hydrated and happy, 
And ready for the next phase. 

I’ve now been a nurse 28 years. 
And I went to the Army
At age 28. 
So I’m midway through something. 
Not sure what. 

I’m as old now as my 
Pediatric Patients Mom. 

And I outwork her and the mom! 
You couldn’t have seen that coming 
9 years ago! 

Gotta throw a flashback pic in
Every now and then. Lol. 

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