28 August 2018

impromptu day off

Pediatric Home Health Nursing
Means you sometimes have
A spontaneous day off
When a kiddie gets sick
And goes to Hospital. 

Goes to THE Hospital, 
if you’re American. 

But look at the traffic. 
Everything is completely shut down. 
I give up on this traffic. 
It makes a difficult situation 
Nearly unbearable. 

War torn Bosnia? 
Yemen? Syria? 
Nope. Downtown Dallas. 

What once was my favorite 
I can now barely stand. 

Sunbathing and covfefe. 

Pretty. Not sure what it is. 
A pretty berry bush 

Not sure this is really even food. 

Time to dump the junk drawer 

And reorganize the junk drawer. 

But first, some bonding.  

Mommy! I love you! 
I’m certain I heard him right.

I slept 12 hours. 
That’s a good night! 

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