09 March 2018

well hi there

I’ve been super busy -
Just not Blogging. 
But I love to blog. 
It’s the only place that’s just mine. 
So here we go! 

This is me (and Elaine) in Boston. 
We ate Lobster every day. 
She said something like “Wow!
I don’t need to eat for about a week!”
And in that moment, 
Fasting became a reality. 
Extended Fasting. Intermittent Fasting. 
Even some Dry Fasting. 
Just most of us eat way too much food. 

By the “weigh,”  I’ve lost and kept off
Those 20 pounds I gained during the time
I broke my leg. I now walk every day, 
And am up to about 4000 steps a day 
On my good days. 

So yeah. 
I do much better with what Atkins taught:
Here’s your plate. 
Meat. Non starchy veggie. Salad. 

Recipes are good, especially if you cook for a family. 
Or wish to modify traditional, high carb meals. 
But for me, I need to keep it simple. 

And use my Instant Pot. 
That’s a good recipe to follow. 
Throw it in the pot. Lol. 

Oh yes. And the Salad. 
Don’t forget about the Salad!

During fasting TWICE now,
I became dehydrated. 
Not good. 

So I quit my beloved wine and coffee. 
I found I don’t need it or want it, 
except for special occasions. 
The amount of water needed to process foods
Is just incredible! Oh my- what they don’t teach
In Nursing School! 😕

Fasting seems to bring a simpler approach to life. 
Nothing to buy, prep, cook, or clean up after. 
Spend that time doing something else. 
Like walking. Or chilling by the fire. 
Or blogging. Or meditating. 
Or all of the above! 

I’ve had bloodwork done (Excellent)
And a Cardiac Calcium Scan (Excellent)
And am on the books for a second DexaScan. 
So I’m in great health. 
9 years after starting LowCarb! 

9 years ago. 
Yes. It has been that long! 
What a wild 9 years it has been! 

I also quit my job as a Home Health Nurse. 
I now do Pediatric Hospice. 
And Adult Hospice. 

I went to do Wound Care on a Diabetic 
And he was eating a bowl of Ice Cream.
Just sitting there. Shooting more Insulin.  
And I realized that if I can’t even 
Convince my best friends to try LC
And stick with it....
Well, the world isn’t ready to hear it. 
I tried for 3 years.  
And saved a few patient’s feet! 
Besides. The charting is a nightmare! 
And the co-workers are often not nice. 

The final obstacle to blogging actually has a name. 
This is Joseph. He likes to jump. 
I can’t say for sure, BUT someone sat on my keyboard. 
Squished it flat. I had to get all kinds of resets. 
But by now, The Blogger App
Is all grown up, smarter, and more interactive. 
Lol. And I guess you can say the same about me! 


  1. It is always so great to hear from you and see your smile!

  2. Glad you are back, I've missed your posts. I tend to eat low carb, so I love seeing what you eat.

  3. Hey hey hey!!!! Glad to hear from you

  4. Blogger ain’t cooperating so I’ll be Anonymous for now - Coulda sworn I commented on your “Gym Time” post, but I ain’t the swiftest keyboardist...
    Intermittent Fasting is getting to be a way of life for me too - & once the weather warms up I’ll tackle an extended fast. (My cold intolerance is miserable.)

  5. Nice to see you back to blogging!!!


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