12 March 2018

same ole same ole

I had dinner with a friend last week. 
I’m kinda picky, and I’ve reached the point
Where I can cook better than any take out food. 

Bold statement, but true. 
Plus, you just don’t go over to 
Spend the evening with friends...
To just fast. 

Fitting “social eating” into a fasting schedule 
Is by far my biggest challenge. 
That, and I have to admit 
That I’m still a Carb Junkie. 

This is some fried food - 
A family offered me a bite to taste 
I stood there thinking 
“How can something so simple 
trigger my hunger so very hard?” 
It wasn’t more than a bite or two. 

All the things I’ve bitched about 
-For 9 years and counting- 
That are bad for ya. 
Gluten, sugar, and starch. 
I guess the cravings never just drop off
Or go away on their own. 

Driving home is the hard time for me. 
The witching hour! 
That’s when I would stop and get a meal. 
Or buy groceries to go home 
All by my little self ...
With my little broken leg ...
And force myself to eat “something nutritious,”
Instead of having pork rinds and wine
And calling it a day. 
And going to bed by 6 pm. 
On Tramadol. 

Speaking of broken legs....
I took myself off pain medication 
Almost right away after the fracture. 
I did take Advil. 
Which gave me a raging ulcer. 
I thought that since Advil and I 
We’re such good friends, that I would be ok! 
But alas. Not so! LOL! 

And now I haven’t even used my cane 
For at least 6 months. 
In uneven terrain. 
So yeah me! 
I still do a strength building routine 
Every day before I even get out of bed. 

So that’s all the catch up. 
Now. Where were we?
Oh yes. 
Onward and Downward! 


  1. Good morning Anne. It's a balmy 16* here and very sunny. It's been fun seeing what you've been up to and how you've healed and kept going on your amazing life style changes.
    Love your puppy in the pack. I'm pretty sure I couldn't put either Wilbur at 50 lbs or Scout at 60 lbs in the packs but not from size but wiggles.
    Drive safe on your travels and have a pleasant day.

  2. I can’t tell what those fried tidbits are, but like you I have a weakness for carbs (esp if deep-fried). I took my folks out to lunch yesterday, my mom ordered onion rings in which I overindulged... At least I’m much better at putting a stop to that kind of madness these days.


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