30 March 2018

I’m loving it

At least they smell good

Such a pretty sky today 

And a big orange full moon. 
Hard to tell from this picture. 
Easter moves around because 
It’s always after the full moon. 
I read that on the Internet,
So it MUST be true 

Went to clinic today. 
With nursing kiddos, that can take all day. 
Went off and left my Snake Juice. 

So I decided to eat. 
Hospital Food. 
Why do I even bother. 

I say this almost every time I eat out. 
I could do SOOOO much better at home! 
Eating out for the past year or so
Has been such a major disappointment. 
I’m finally a good enough cook
To say my food I make at home 
Is much much better than going out. 

My job is to hold the fan! 

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