15 March 2018

labs nov 17

Until I get my computer fixed,
This will have to do. 

This is the first year my triglycerides 
Are higher than the HDL. 
The first labs I had in 2010, 
My HDL was close to 150! 
So it’s been up there. 

All Vital Signs are great as well. 
P Ox a bit low but
It was probably cold outside. 
It’s normally 99 - 100%

I lost 20 pounds by Snake Juice Fasting
In about a month when these labs were obtained. 

Here, below, I am posting my full labs. 
This is a healthy LowCarb Profile 
If I do say so myself! 

I’m 57 years old and take no meds. 
Except some Zantac now and then. 
My weight is pretty consistent. 
And my Blood Glucose is always in range. 
Even when I don’t do LC! 

And questions ? I’m here! 
Let’s chat! Enjoy. 

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  1. And yes- I am allergic to Tylenol! Acetaminophen. Paracetamol. Lol. I’ve always love that word.


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