29 March 2018

haircut 100

Time to get rid of the shaggy dog look!

Or maybe call it a Calico Cat look. 
All this auburn hair coming in naturally!

This will do!

In other news, don’t put an egg
In soup and microwave it. 
It will explode. 

Some late night chili,
A double hamburger from Wendy’s 
No bun- 
And I am ready to finish my fasting 
Weight loss 
I’ve been Snake Juice Fasting 
For 6 months now. 
It was such a joy to eat once a day
And not gain or worry about weight 
Over the holidays. 
And now with working two full time jobs. 
When you count traffic 
It’s close to 80 hours. 

I have a work out partner now!
Pete bought a gym membership. 
That will be fun! 

So. I’m ready. 
Got my mind right. 
Let’s go! 


  1. It’s crazy but my hair is actually coming in auburn color. I was born a blonde and stayed blonde till I was like 28. Right before the Army.


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