13 March 2018

walmart walker

So nearly every morning 
I get to work early enough 
To take a walk. 
Rain or shine, 
You can always walk around Walmart. 
2 times around a Super Center
Is almost a mile. 
Some of these stores are 
Well over 180,000 square feet!

This is just one time around, 
And some change. 
And I am finally able to walk fast enough 
To break a little sweat!

I also use these Resistance Bands. 
They’re light and portable. 
And no one at work can complain. 
Well, they can. 
But they probably won’t! 
Even a few minutes stretch is good! 

Food. I’ve been doing OMAD -
Which is what the Cool Kids call
One Meal A Day. 

Most days you can’t even call it a meal. 
This is some spinach dip. 

Beef Jerky also works. 
Or Cheese and Salami.
I might get 200 calories a day...
Which some people say isn’t true fasting. 
And that’s right. 
But this is about reducing the 
Number of Insulin Spikes 
Throughout the day. So....

Some truth to this! 

I’m ready now to continue 
On my true Fasting journey!
So. We’ll see!

Caffeine, Carbs, and Alcohol 
Are all banished from the Queendom. 
It’s amazing how they sneak back in! 

Just like cats! 
Meow - there it is! 
Eat Less- Move Meowerrr!


  1. I love the idea of walking indoors. It’s a flat surface and safe and climate controlled. Soon, now that the weather is nice, I would like to take an evening walk, outside. Different terrain

  2. Yes, walking indoors can be nice!


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