14 March 2018

rabbit ear day

Lol! Rabbit Ears!
When you are a Pediatric Nurse,
You get to play with props!

Like this, last year,
For International Talk Like A Pirate Day! 

That was 19 September. 
And I added fasting that month, 
A few days earlier. 
That’s when everything changed! 

Fasting is not easy. 
It’s no joke. 

Got a little Cold Therapy in, too!
Not on purpose. Lol. 

Today is Wednesday. 
I’m off tomorrow, so this is like 
Friday to me! 

I finally have enough energy 
To get some chores done! 
I had Coconut Water when 
I got dehydrated last week. 
It’s a lifesaver. 

Some people don’t enjoy the Fasting. 
But I do! I thrive on it.
It’s like I feel so much better 
When I am Fasting. 
I am infinitely happier. 

But it is hard. 
Probably the toughest thing I’ve done. 
Tougher than Basic Training. 
It’s mentally difficult 
To convince yourself you won’t DIE
Without 3 meals a day. 

This is Chapati. 
Have you ever heard of it? 
It is an East African food, 
Made by hand, with Love 
Just for me. 
It’s like a traditional flatbread. 
And yes. I ate some. 

That’s what’s ideal about fasting. 
You can fast and “save up” your food intake
Until after a party or event. 
There is so much freedom in this
 Fasting Focused Lifestyle 
(As Cole Robinson says) 
It is ideal for anyone on the planet! 

One wee little day at a time. 
No walk today. Too tired. 
It’s probably good to rest when you’re that tired. 

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  1. I splurged on a Groupon a few wks ago - cryotherapy, I loved it!
    Much easier than cold baths I have tinkered around w/in the past, you’re done in 3 min.
    Definitely be going back!


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