10 March 2018

dinner with pete

I like cooking. 
I like eating! 
I like kitchen gadgets and recipes
And everything that goes along with the process. 

This is Instant Pot 101

Italian Sausage with Chicken 
And Cabbage. 
So simple. So good!

The pay off is a great meal with friends. 

Note the Sparkling Water. 

A little organizing. 
It’s amazing how torn up a cabinet can get. 
This probably needs to be done 
A couple times a year. 

Ye Olde Pantry as well. 
Can’t hurt. Might help. 

Boring maintenance. 
Like keeping the bird feeder filled. 

And the plants watered and trimmed. 

Everything counts. 
It’s just so much work to play catch up! 
As we all know all too well! 

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  1. Pete! It was great fun to cook with you this week... and most every week! Thanks for all you’ve done for me! And with me!


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