11 March 2018

jelly bean tolerance test

I started with a fasting AC reading of 
82mg/dL Blood Glucose 

I portioned out 70 small jelly beans 

About 70 grams of glucose filled jelly beans 
According to DIY Glucose Tolerance Test.
I ate them all in about 5 - 10 minutes.  

The first reading was done at 30 minutes. 
It jumped up to 114 mg/dL Blood Glucose. 
No surprise there!

At the one hour mark, the reading came down 
to 96 mg/dL BG

2 hour mark. 
82 mg/dL BG

3 hour mark. 
83 mg/dL BG. 

This means that in my opinion,
Fasting has put my Type2 DM
Into a state of remission! 

Before I started fasting -
Specifically Snake Juice Fasting-
My 2 hour PP readings were
Always over 140. Or more. 

It’s all the Insulin Spikes that you get
 from eating multiple times a day! 
That’s what causes a high hA1C
Even though your AC readings are normal. 

So thanks to Cole Robinson, 
And Snake Juice Fasting
I am in remission - healed 
From my sugar addiction AND
My high Blood Glucose readings
Even after years of LC. 

Also I am no longer Morbidly Obese. 
I credit Atkins and Low Carb 
 For taking me most of the way there. 

But the final 20 pounds ...
That transition...
The switch from losing weight /ketosis 
To burning BG Glucose...
And back again... 
I believe for me 
That is best accomplished by fasting. 

That final 20 or 30 pounds was always the sticking point. 
For so many low carb people. 
And now we have the last piece of the puzzle. 

I eat one meal a day now. 
And I don’t snack during the day. 
Don’t want more than one (albeit) large
Insulin Spike. 

I stick to Low Carb because I know it is healthy. 
Much healthier. 
Just because I CAN now eat sugar and grain,
Certainly doesn’t mean I should. 

It’s not a treat or an improvement to life 
To eat sugar. And grain. 
They both cause massive inflammation. 
The kind of inflammation 
where your heart beats hard in your chest -
and you drink so much water,
you flush away your electrolytes. 
THAT kind of inflammation. 

Going back to “treat” eating
After years of corrections 
Would be like an alcoholic drinking again 
After he (or she) got a liver transplant. 
It’s never good to go back to the thing
 That almost ruined you. 

Fasting and walking 
Seem like a great combination!
See ya later. 
Gotta hit the trail!


  1. There are many variations on this test. It’s pretty revealing. If you try it at home, be sure to let me know what you find! Just for fun.

  2. I’ll bring home my clinic glucometer next week & try this out...


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