21 March 2018

bone app the teeth

7-Eleven has priscuto and pepperoni 
Wrapped in cheese. 
And hard boiled eggs. 
They keep a long time and are good for work. 
Like when you suddenly can’t stay on point.  

This is Elixinol CBD oil. 
It really helped with my knee pain. 
And no. I’m not an affiliate. 
Just a fan. 

Finally getting good numbers. 
Can’t argue with 66 mg/dL BG!
This was all day fasting on Snake Juice 

Those few weeks of Carb experimentation 
Has left me with numerous skin tags! 
Another reason why a Carb heavy diet 
Is not good for us. Gluten and sugar. Nope!

Onward and downward! 

Mirror selfie. Lol 

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