19 March 2018

tip your server

Worked late last night...
I work about 65 hours a week
Plus an hour commute both ways. 
(Sometimes more!)
So I’m Uber Busy about 78 hours a week. 

Working late again tonight 

Seems like a good day for a meal. 
I was eating twice a week
But tried to go only once a week. 
Maybe it’s easier when you have more reserves. 

Get a little sun waiting for delivery. 
Lunch was an afterthought. 
I brought nothing with me but Snake Juice and water. 

I gained like 3 pounds from eating those Jelly Beans!
I can have anything I want. 
But I WANT to stay Low Carb. 

So back to throwing off the bun 
And skipping the fries. 
Because who wants to tempt fate? 
No me!

I am such a lightweight. 
I couldn’t even eat half! 

It’s also a very good idea 
To not look at “Food Porn”
When you’re fasting. 
Fasting is hard enough. 
Why torture yourself? 

Also took a walk today. 
Maybe 1200 steps. 
I’ve been doing Isometrics 
And Body Weight mini workouts
At work. Plus I do try to stand more. 

Crazy- isn’t it?
Always back to Day One. 


  1. I am not a meat eater but every now and again I just crave a thick, juicy barbecued burger! You work too much!

  2. Google keeps kicking me out so I’m anonymous again (but it’s me, Val!)
    My tastes are becoming simplified as well... Last night I made “Crustless Pepperoni Pizza” which is just melted cheese w/pepperonis, couldn’t finish it.


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