27 April 2013

fat bread step by step

Get a measuring cup for 
Mac Nuts...this should do nicely

Actually, 1 cup is more like it!

5 or 6 eggs

2 cups of coconut flakes -
Or 1 cup of coconut butter 
(Hard to find here, for some reason)

I like to get them all in order, 
Like they do on cooking shows

1/2 teaspoon of salt, rounded teaspoon of baking soda,
Two table spoons of lemon juice

Get out Ye Olde Cuisinart

And yes - I wear earplugs -
It is loud!

I add a glob or two of Almond Butter
For a better consistency
(Not in the original recipe... Becky found that it 
Goes better with some almond butter,
Since we are not using coconut butter)

Looks thick and dense to me

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes
(Depends on your oven, eh?)

Clean up is easy when you clean as you go!

Out of the oven and ready for butter!
I make this almost every week.
Good stuff!

So that is all there is to it!
Recipe by Free The Animal (link)


  1. Nice work...thanks for the play-by-play!

  2. I'm giving myself to the 1st to screw around and get my head on straight but as soon as I get the monthly check I'm back to low carbing. I'm going to make this bread to try.

  3. I would so LOVE a cookbook with play-by-play pictorial recipes featuring happy lil Anne. :D

  4. sometimes I look at your blog and see what you eat and wish I could eat the same... we all have our own path's

    just today your's looks yummier :P

    1. Funny - sometimes I say the exact same thing about your food!

  5. How does this taste? I've managed to stay away from bread and bread like stuff for over a month now and am afraid this might have me craving fluffy French bread!!!

    1. It tastes a bit like play-dough.... but better - and not as salty!
      Actually - it has a very neutral taste, and can be jazzed up with anything you like -
      Cinnamon, Savory, Almond Butter - Fried with Garlic Butter (my fave).
      You can even make it into a sandwich!

  6. Tastes like play dough - that made me laugh out loud!!! You are amazing!

  7. Your pictures are funny! I just started blogging and Low Carb'n it. Glad I found you!

  8. Yum! I love fat bread - though it would kill me to use whole macademia nuts in the recipe. They are too expensive to be grind up like butter - only almond butter in fat bread for me. :)

  9. love the play by play photo,s

  10. Looks Tasty!
    Mac Nuts - something I have never tried.
    I too like to get things ready in advance.
    It really makes the whole process more enjoyable.


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