18 April 2013

happy early birthday!

Rockfish Ahi Tuna

Yuk - to the rice, eh?
They always bring it, I guess you've gotta spelt it out for them...
Confused smile
Goodness knows there's enough carbs in all the sauces!
And besides - we are sweet enough!

Happy Early Birthday, Sherri!
Party smile

Also made a Quiche -
But I forgot to send her home with it -
So I guess I shall have to eat it all!
Winking smile

Here's to Many Happy Returns of the Day

Pine Nuts for a Salad, too
Who me? 
Which I also ate...not all of them!

It's about 48 degree here!
A rainy day in Dallas, Texas!

Sounds like a good day for sleeping in...
Listening to the rain - all cozy inside!
Be right back


  1. Nothing wrong with celebrating early! I'll take the quiche, please.

  2. I love your kitchen! Just color me green!

  3. Happy Birthday to Sherri!!!

  4. Happy birthday! Sleeping while it rains is my favourite sunday pasttime. I am glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way! :)

  5. Great early celebration - excellent food and even better company. Thanks, Anne! You're the best.


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