24 April 2013

watering days

It's 48 degrees here... but not for long -
Summer is always just a week away in Texas

Too optimistic here?
Nightshades need moar sun, they say...

The sweet little tomato and strawberry plants are doing nicely -
They enjoyed a lovely fish drink with seaweed.... yum for them

Whilst I had this Quiche

I as pretty tired of veggies... and dairy... 
but I do like quiche...
Decisions, decisions... lol

This Sugar Free Cheese Cake was also good -
From the awesome guys at Sugarless DeLite (link)
We are lucky to have such a great store in Dallas....
And now that I have moved, they are 5 minutes from me!
(They also do mail order)

My goal is to get everything 100% "Ship Shape"
By Cruise time - (lol)

Thanks, Becky for the countdown art! (link)


  1. 11 days till we sail... 10 days till the Roaster Party in Houston!

  2. Ship shape...lol. You are such a punny lady!

    1. Thanks - I hope I didn't go overboard with the puns, Miss K!

  3. I wonder if we can join you next year. I would love, love to be with the LC crowd.

    Hoping and praying.


    1. I will keep good Cruise thoughts headed your way! It really is sooo much fun.
      Good times, good friends, good classes - and good food!

  4. The quiche looks lovely. I was just thinking about a low carb meal and you gave me an idea. I've been browsing your blog and really enjoy the way you use pictures to communicate. Best with the Cruise!

  5. Thanks! You just made my day!


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