22 April 2013

now and then

Got the desk into the closet..
With pics, an office chair, fans, and lights. 
Next - the new computer!

The top of the door was one thin shave
from closing all the way... not any more!

Made some beef ribs.... Fell right off the bone

Lots of watering and tending soil and gardens...

Found out from Soil School that the regular dirt
Needs amendments - like organic compost and manure

Better than a CrossFit work out of the day!

I am still amazed that you stick a seed in the ground -
And out comes a veggie!

Looks a Med Tray... 
Take two organic veggies and call me in the morning! 

Made little steps while the grass grows

I get a kind of puffy, shaggy look when I am uber busy.
Too little protein? Too much coffee?
Lack of sleep?
A nice hair cut can't hurt to return process -
And, for the millionth time - back to Zero Carb for a day or so.
For me - it is not easy to stay on ZC.
But I am losing my taste for Salad and most Veggies...
So, we'll see.

Hope your week is going great!


  1. Getting ready for the Low Carb Cruise!
    And getting pretty excited about it, too!

  2. I am excited for your cruise too! You get so much stuff done. You are a Wonder Woman...and you need a cape!

  3. Just curious...are you going to make any more videos??? Especially with the new place and your garden and all. Also, you may have said before but I don't remember...is your place going to have a name? Last question, promice!!! is your home office really going to be in a closet? I would find that a bit claustrophobic but kudos to you for great utilization of space!

    1. Oops, spelled promise wrong. :0

  4. Is that the little pepper plant on the edge of your "med tray" shot? It looks so tiny in that big bed. Hope it grows grows grows and produces! You did a lot of work here yesterday.

  5. Wow Anne, impressive! You are a whirlwind. Have fun on the cruise! XXX

  6. I love my garden but not so much the persistent work to keep it nice. Yours looks great and will be a taste treat. Promise.

    I find Dana Carpender's Fat Fast recipes helpful. Not quite zero carb but good found some good ideas to play with.


  7. You amaze me! I love that you shaved the door. Smart.

    And your raised bed garden-- Jealous!!! I hope your veggies go happy and big. They certainly have the perfect bed.

    Keep up the good work Anne. You're looking great.

    xo jj


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