03 April 2013

ox tale broth

Made Ox Tail Broth

Bones fell right off

Ox Tail is my fave broth -
When it is cold, it turns to gel!

Cactus and Scrambled Eggs

A good quick snack

Getting ready for cooking carbs...
By cooking carbs

Kissin' wears out...
Cooking don't

Give me a minute and I'll get back to you on that one!

"Change Your Name to Mommy" billboard
 Right by the "Condoms to Go" store.

Some ad company is pretty smug right about now

The Life of Pie

 Spring all around in North Texas


  1. I am just a little jealous of the glorious riot of flowers!!! Spring has sprung...but not here...not just yet.

  2. I have never seen azaleas flower in NZ with the profusion of flowers you get. So beautiful.



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