07 April 2013

nursery nurse class

Boss sent me to a class at a Nursery

I thought it was a Nursing Class - 
Imagine my pleasant surprise!

The class was extremely well-taught,
And took the "Art and Science" type approach to gardening:
Soil comp, sun, location, pollination, balance...etc
And also a segment on Backyard Chickens and HoneyBees.

Oh - how cute - 
My first compost pile!
I threw some leaves on that bad boy...
And Viola! Instant compost.
Just add time.

Got up super early to prep food and cook
For lunch today.
I am having a friend (over) for lunch!

Glad I learned good kitchen skills these past 4 years.
Clean up is easier when you don't make a mess to start.

Except I am still learning knife skills.
I never had a good knife till now - 
And are they sharp!

And food prep for the week - is just as easy as for one meal
Like this Fat Bread.... which is becoming a weekly staple for me...

Bacon -wrapped Shrimp, Avocado, and Onion
All done up in advance....saves a ton of time and mess

Made 2 Quiches...lol
Forgot to put Bacon in this one - 
Still good!

Still doing well, actually.
Cut back on coffee...and guess what?
I sleep lots better! Who knew?


  1. What an extravaganza of food! Nursery classes for a nurse...that is great stuff!

  2. Your life is so full, Anne. I hope to be you someday.

  3. What an interesting class! As always food looks amazing!

  4. Who knew, indeed! Maybe I should try that. (Cutting back on coffee, I mean!) Food looks so good, Anne.

  5. It's nice to know quiche can be good without bacon - I never was willing to take that risk!

  6. Great decision you got there, decided to attend such class. Good for you! By the way, love the bacon wrapped shrimp with avocado and onion. I must try it one of these days. :)

  7. Wow - all the food looks amazing. Got a hunger for some flat bread.


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