30 April 2013

the forgotten blog

It's a good thing

Making Guac

In and Out

Got a Grass Fed Beef Burger at Elevation Burger....
Slipped right out of the bag...musta been all that bacon

Turned out ok though...
Very good, in fact

The tank holds 15 gallons... my bad

Got my hair done... at least that!
Too busy for my own good!

This growing up shit is good and all....
But I should have done it when I was 30...
maybe even 20 - Bah!


  1. ahhh if we only knew then, maybe we just weren't ready?

  2. Ha I always think that as well :)

  3. Wow - that burger looks so tasty!
    I'm even more excited about trying Grass-Fed Beef now!


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