21 April 2013

a plus furniture assembly

This is Richard from A Plus Furniture Assembly (link)

Put a little desk in the huge closet

Added a shelf here and there

The garage - the bane of my obsessive compulsive existence

Richard fixed it up for me!

He came over 2 times.
We got more done in a few hours -
Than would have taken me all day!

My worldly possessions all stacked neatly in one place
(Most of them, that is)

Got the Smith Machine set up -
Never really saw how much room it takes up!

Thanks, Richard!


  1. Way to go, Richard!!! And of course, you too Miss A!!!

  2. Looking at your order with envy. I need a maid, maybe an Annie, rather than a Richard.

    John does a pretty good job but a woman's touch would be welcome .... Oh and I need a gardener. Sigh! So much to do don't know where to start. That's why I need a mental boost from ketones mighty soon.


  3. I'll be right there to help out.... as soon as I get ketone boost myself!

  4. Wish I had a garage to store things in. Too much stuff for this tiny apartment.

  5. I love being organized, but I rarely am. It might be a good thing to get some help. :)

  6. I get by with a little help from my friends!
    And I am not shy about asking for help when I need it!
    The first sane thing I've done all day.
    Freed up the rest of the day!


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