12 April 2013

testing day

Trying to blob from de fone. Well see.

Not really able to label the photos. Long story short, Little Baby Mac is sick again. She went to triage.... They could not save her. They gave her full power, Capt'n ... But aye- she canno' take any more!

So we'll see! Might be time for some more updates. And why not?

Got some clothes for the trip...
Since I am on the Commitee

New Luggage  -
50% off and 40% off of that!

New office chair, printer, and stand...
Also a desk!

The lil Baby Mac was beyond repair.
I bloggered it to the Nth degree

No worries! I got a new one...
A desk top - with like 100 times the memory

Even the baby Finchies are more settled in

And food is good - spot on, in fact!
Three weeks till the Low Carb Cruise
and I am really getting excited!


  1. Sorry about your Mac. I hope you can replace it soon.

  2. Love Big Mac!!! Can't wait for the cruise...I love all the pics!

  3. I might not have a lap top to take with this year...
    I have some serous hard drive stuff to settle!

  4. You are going to have a blast on the cruise!!

    1. I wish I felt more like going on the cruise. Right now I feel a little less than enthusiastic.

  5. The cruise sounds a blast - wish I was coming.


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