19 April 2013

around town

Making a Chuck Roast today

Yum - with Wine and Onions and Broth

I love Downtown Dallas

Barley can see Pegasus -
If you know where to look for him!

I could - and do - just park my truck and walk around
Downtown for hours at a time...

Downtown is one of the most comforting places for me

As a young child we would sneak down to 
Downtown Dallas and ride the Hop-A-Bus...
all day for 10 cents... it was a pink bus with pink ears!

Thank goodness the Dallas Morning News 
took this awesome pic - So long ago!

When I see crap like this - 
I come unglued...I usually offer to dispose of the Flag for them
And even get them a new one.. For Shame!

Hello - I am your Nurse and your server tonight... 

And now for something completely different...

A real old player piano

Interesting stuff you see -
If you keep your eyes open!

Hope your night is going great!


  1. I love chuck roast. It is so tender and juicy. I think I will pick up one tomorrow when we go shopping. Your hometown is a beautiful one, Anne.

  2. 1600 posts!
    And it doesn't feel a day over 1500....
    go figure...

    YES - Karen, Dallas is so wonderful to me - I love the skyline, especially.
    Always have. I had the same (actual) dream for almost 30 years... about being down town.
    I miss that dream sometimes!

  3. Looks like a grand day!!!

  4. A player piano!!! Love that. My grandparents had one that now sits in my sister's home. We spent hours and hours around it. What a nice memory.

    Cute pink bus! What a hoot.

    I hear you on roaming around downtown. I like to do that here in Los Angeles sometimes too (and Cleveland). You never know what you'll find.

    Hope all is well with you. xoxo jj

  5. I have about 100 old piano rolls.. just give me that address and they may just end up at their door, no return address, of course.

    See you soon!


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