08 April 2013

I feel finchie

Have you met my new Finch - Maria
(Jem, actually)

The craziest Finch on the block?

You'll know her the minute you see her
(Him, actually)

He (She, or It) is the one who is in 
An advanced state of shock!

So I opened the back door.... around dusk last night...
And heard a noise - like a bat...
It was not a bat... it was little Jem.
He shimmied out of the cage and flew outside.
And try as he might, could not get back into the house.
So he has gone to merge with the Infinite...
Or at least, the Great Outdoors!

So now - back to two birdies!
Oh, Jem... we barely knew ye!
He was too small, at any rate.
Henpecked the minute he arrived in the cage -


  1. Your cage is not a cage for finches. The bar spacing is too wide and the bars are too wide. I feel bad for the finch who got outside, poor thing.

    1. Oh - I feel worse!
      The cage was purchased for Mr Peepers... and when I got the baby, (Jem) I thought "I hope he is not too small!" I fixed up every space, except for one - in the corner, apparently, where the cage had been damaged in shipping. Just enough for him to escape to the light of dusk.
      The other finches are twice his size! So no Finch elopement there.
      I actually measured them in the pet store before I brought them home.

  2. I didn't mean to make you feel worse, Anne. Just hoped to save you from any further loss. Even if the bars are not wide enough for another to escape, they can get caught in them, which could be worse. Here's a link with proper bar spaces and bar width for different birds.


  3. That's too bad for the lost Jem. Tough lesson.

  4. Indeed....
    Very rough one. I don't like the idea of the bird in the cage.
    But when he got loose, that was clearly not much better - for him!


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