09 October 2019

off day

I went to bed Monday night at 8. 
I woke up Tuesday evening. 
I stayed up about 4 hours. 
And just woke up now. 
The better part of 30 hours sleep. 

Tea. Still no covefe. 
I skipped the Blends yesterday. 

Up time with the boyz. 

Monday grilling with Elaine. 
Lamburger, Hamburger, Shrimp. 

Cold Nitro Coffee. 

I had black expresso. 
One shot. 
Trying to see if I like coffee black. 
Or if it gives me heartburn. 

The AC is out. 
Waiting for the AC guy. 
But it’s been in the 60s
So that’s a good time 
For the AC to be out. 

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