24 December 2018

the ugh stops here

My new BFF

So many cultures make yogurt. 
(See what I did there?)
It’s so simple and easy. 

Boil the milk and let it cool. 
Probably around 100 F. 
Feels like a kid with a fever. 

Add a culture or starter. 
Maybe new; maybe from the last batch. 

Cover for a few hours - 
and you’re done. 

Now I’m ready to make mine 
From the Wheat Belly blog. 

I had the chance to gift Pete 
And his wonderful wife 
With House Seats to Phantom. 

They even got a backstage tour. 

Beautiful full moon. 
Just in time for Christmas Eve. 

Spending a week without my scales 
Is not a happy place for me. 
I gain weight faster than anyone I know. 
I can also lose weight faster than anyone. 
It’s like having a movie star body. 
It responds super quick to my every demand. 

So I gained 3 pounds by doing an experiment. 
Delay - Don’t Deny. 
Still OMAD. 
But basically anything you want. 
Well. Once again. 
I am not one to have “anything I want.” 
The limits of my “movie star body”
End here. 
I still have to stay Low Carb
Because the minute I don’t, 
All kinds of bad things happen. 
Plus wheat. 
Wheat is not my friend. 


  1. The Yeti is great. It’s such a joy to have hot coffee a few hours later. And it’s so odd and bright yellow. No one is going to cut like they thought it was theirs if they should find it.

  2. I'm with you on the gaining weight but not the losing side!
    Merry Christmas Anne.


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