25 December 2018

my rational first christmas

Happy SnakeMas! 

Egg City. 

From beyond the grave? 
Lol. Wrong number. 

My old apartment. 
I miss it. 
I wish rent didn’t go up every year. 
But it does. 
Dallas’ real estate market was the 
last of the reasonable prices. 
One day you could buy a cute little 
1950’s wood frame house for $50K. 
The next thing you know, 
the same house is $150K
But now the house is 70 years old. 
And almost decrepit. 
Ahhh,  progress! 
Texas is the next California. 

So I woke up and looked around 
And it was like I had never seen 
my own surroundings before. 
I was like “Yuk!”
This has to change. 
Like yesterday. 
Finally! I’ve been waiting for this day. 

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