30 December 2018

maximus glucoses

Remembering dear Dr Ken Wapnick 

Fashion is a Cruel Mistress 
And this is giving me a headache. 

My little Hospice Baby is is ICU. 
It’s so easy to get bonded with these patients. 
I see now why it took 20 years 
to become a Pediatric Hospice Nurse. 
You have to be old enough to be wise. 

So I have some time off this week. 
My Phantom Of The Opera 
Housemate is planning a small suere 
For some orchestra pit people. 
I was planning to stay away, 
(Since I would have been working
 early tomorrow morning,)
but now I get to attend. 

I got up super early and scrubbed the bathrooms 
And emptied the trash- that kind of stuff. 

The list of errands is never ending. 
Toothpaste. I keep needing toothpaste. 
This is why Amazon exists. 

The Sleep Study continues. 
Crappy Crappy Wine. 
And I was so tired. I thought it would work. 

No Wine. 

No Wine. No Melatonin. 
Just CBD Oil. 

Here’s some nights with no wine. 
So about 2 months of studying 
- some planned and some random -
The  thing I though was helping me sleep
It the very thing that’s keeping me awake. 

It would be like a Diabetic 
Eating Cinnamon Rolls
And thinking it helps because 
They read somewhere that Cinnamon 
Helps lower Blood Glucose! 
In a word- insanity! 

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