10 December 2018

oh crap it’s monday

The purging cycle begins. 
Donating every single thing 
That’s not tied down. 

Also, cleaning. 
Ever hear of bleach tables? 
Now you have. 
Don’t eat em! 

No! Small child, 
You cannot make me 
eat a Christmas Cookie! 

This, on the other hand.... yes. 
Yogurt with mint garlic. 
Sounds disgusting. 
Tastes wonderful! 

I love the Indian
Pakistan food most of all. 
Here is an ounce or two of rice. 
The family members are all diabetic 
(Go figure) 
And they make cauliflower rice now. 

Look who’s getting into the keto game! 
SlimFast MCT oil!! 
For fucks sake. 

Crappy sleep way up in the stratosphere. 
I’ve been experimenting 
For a month now. 

A little tickle. 
So I wear his mask for 10 long hours. 
Yes indeed I do. 
Glasses - optional.  

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