31 October 2015

trick or treatment

There was an office party this week.
Everyone dressed up for Halloween...

I didn't go, because a person in the office said
That I am "too heavy" to dress up as Dr House.

So here's me, as Dr House.
With my cane and my pain meds...
And a 5:00 shadow.


Got in with a group of fun people

I actually got ready to make some chili for the office party
Chili-cookoff... but after this last (set of) insult(s)
I just served it elsewhere.

Halloween Fun Stuff

lol - Knee Socks with a twist

Hope your Halloween was great!
Few things are scarier than messed up relationships 
- No monster is worse


  1. Sweetie - I have been following you a long time and you have some really crappy people to work with. I hope you leave them and never look back. You deserve much better.

    1. It's me - Cali. But I can't sign in - so I did it this way! :D

  2. Hi - and thank you! Yes.... everyone has an opinion, don't they?
    I don't even talk about half the stuff they say to me -
    I assure you, I could write a blog based just on the passive aggressive insults I get from work!

    1. They're just jealous of all your accomplishments, weight loss and talents. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am sorry that you have to put up this.
    You look great always.

    1. Thanks!
      lol - of all the comments a person could make in comparing me to a 6'2" male TV actor. She just picked (or picked on) the weight because she knows my weight loss history and wanted to get one last passive-aggressive "dig" in...
      It's called "bullying"... and no - I can't take a joke about it


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