27 October 2015

mazda ranger - not ford - lol

Now that Trucky rolled over 200,000 miles,
She gets her own blog post!

After all, some people think this is a blog about driving!
Carb(erator) and Tripping.

Sante Fe, New Mexico - 
On the trip that started Low Carb for me!

Joshua Tree, California

Near Amarillo, Texas

Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

A Raven in the Grand Canyon
Pecked a hole in my bags...

And ate my Beef Jerky!


And offices...

A few good choices - 

A few not-so-good

Some just were fun - for a LC blog

Hauled Hay for Horses

Tis But a Scratch!

Trucky is a Work Truck -
Not just all fun and Road Trips!
When I build a house (yes, I built a house)
She hauled guys, and lumber and bricks...
And everything else!

Took this trip 3 times

This one more than I can count

My typical driving day takes me anywhere 
in the DFW Metroplex and beyond!

Did this once -
Want to go again!

Even did this one like 3 times

Love Trucky! - 
Who really is a Ford Ranger!
Thanks for your service - Here's to many more years!


  1. Trucky has been with you through thick and thin! Love that Trucky!


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