18 October 2015


First - of course - dinner

Sherri's fave Soup

I had the privilege of attending the most beautiful
High School in the world - GHS

Hail Garland High School - 
Your glory behold

We'll e'er be loyal to the black and the gold!

Our Alma Mater -
Steadfast we'll always be

We'll cherish you

Through loss and VicTory!

Our Dear Ollie Owl

I pounded on the door until the Janitor opened it up

The beautiful building was built in the WPA era -
1937 ~ ish... if memory serves...

Trouble - making at the stadium

I walked all these steps!

And walked the length of the stadium 5 times 
During the course of the evening!

And every good evening ends with some Hot Dogs 
At RaceTrack or QuickTrip!
It was such a great time!
I saw absolutely no one that I knew from school
But/And it was a great night!

Gig'Em Owls!

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