25 October 2015

hurricane patricia

Notice it doesn't even really say "Cheese"...

Been looking for this (lol)

Here's some Beef

Pulled Pork

Green Beans

I like them some times

After a long day of driving around in the rain,

I like to come home to a Crok Pot full of Soup!

Ground Beef, 
Can of Tomatoes, 
Onion, Garlic, Really - anything you like
This one has Cabbage

Prep once and eat all week - 
With no cooking every meal.
Add a little Parm Cheese and  - boom!

Hurricane Patricia is giving us some rain

Standing in the same spot - looking one way...

Then looking the other way!

Poor guy - 

Sirens were going off all around town!
Stay safe, y'all!

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  1. You look like a deranged person in the power chair - lol


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