01 October 2015

a day at the orifice

People who work in offices 
Bring lunches and have breaks
At certain times - not just whenever - 
Wha a concept!

AND they don't eat each other people's lunches.
And they don't really fight about it (much).
And, unlike most Nurses I know,
They already KNOW what they are going to eat 
For lunch that day.
They don't just "wing" it... 

Office Bling

Sitting in this little confined space
Yearning for human interaction

This will do

LOL - Blow that nose!

It was a year ago we had the Ebola Scare
Here in Dallas
People didn't want the Nurses to even go into McDonalds -
So glad that phase is over!

Three flat tires this week

Driving 100+ miles a day will do that

The New Law of the Land is in effect
These 2 tablets came down
From the Powers that be 

This is one way to stock an office!


Lunch is more often something like this

My other office (the one I am in most of the day) has a view!


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