15 October 2015

learning curve (s)

War Zone?
Nope - just Far North Dallas traffic and construction

This is common -

Then suddenly  - this -

Eating so much PUFA Bird - 

Getting ready for the big day
Homecoming stuff -
I never really cared before
But now it's kinda sweet

This lady does Threads.
She is showing off her work.

Not too shabby!

Finally getting a handle on the computer software -
Two different companies use two different programs!
One Nurse friend of mine suggested that I am too old
To learn on computers. 
She doesn't know about my blogging efforts! lol
I just know the Mac. Not really ever the PC.
So I look kinda silly not being able to turn a tablet on or off.
Mac is a whole different animal.
The PC is something you have to kind of learn.
The Mac - learns you!

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