02 October 2015


I did the Mc Donald's Hamburger Mold challenge...
I bought a Burger and Fried and kept it around - in the bag
For like 2 weeks. No mold. No shrinkage. No change.

It finally did mold one little spot -
When I left it in my Truck.

I have not been there to eat since. 
I am not sure what to do about that

LOL - Waited all day here....
No employee came to wash my hands.
So - I did it myself!

Is this the same guy who nearly impaled me 
A few years ago?
Or just another Mr Slate set-up

Sure wish sometimes I had one of these - 
A Lexus - lol

Thank goodness I use BulletProof Coffee -
Or I might have been done-for

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  1. Lovely pictures…especially the clouds…and the one of you of course.


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