03 June 2014

dinner with sherri resumes

Now that I don't drink (my beloved) glass(es) of wine,
I don't have to worry about lack of water (dehydration)

2 carbs per piece is a bit rich for my blood-
I can eat 2 at a time - 5 times a day.
That's 20 carbs before I even have a bit of food!
I am not thinking of "giving good things up"
But, rather - as getting rid of the junk

Kinda rainy for a while - nice for sleeping...
And when it is nice - I can walk outside...
I really missed walking, and it made a huge difference!

Woke up today 2 pounds down.
For a total of 9 pounds lost.
That is just 11 to go before I am back to where I started!

Dinner With Sherri -

Miracle Noodles - 
Then cook them in something with some flavor -
Here - with Jal~pepper sausage 
And spices - onions and red peppers

Salad is always nice

Was it good?

I think so- yeah!


  1. Those noodles were surprisingly delicious! Can't wait to do that again.

  2. You're something else. I MEAN IT, SOMETHING ELSE!

  3. Ok I'm in!! Just grocery shopped and NO CARBS!!! Just kept reciting 'Carb tripper" mantra as I picked out meat, cheese, eggs, veggies.
    Baked zucchini /beef/cheese for dinner ---


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