01 June 2014

hello out there

Hi there Blogging People!
Working my butt off, actually! The work is hard
And/but I make double the money I did at the group home
And work half as many hours.
When I am off - I am off - and no one calls me
To take yet another case! Thanks goodness.

Posing here with huge chunks of meat
I look a bit like I am a hunk o' meat myself - 
Up the dreaded 15 pounds -
Depending on where you start counting!
Stress is a bear. 
A rotten crappy crossed-eyed bear.

Grilling with Sherri - almost any given Monday night

Bacon-Wrapped Onion Rings.
Your argument is invalid.

Helped prep food for a party -it was great fun

Went to a concert - thanks Pete!
The Rach 3 - a dream performance 

Everything is all about the maintenance - eh?

Especially with people 

And our selves - Walking here on a little trail
By my new (8 months later) apartment

Which had a water leak in the middle of the night -

Some of the light blocked is good - buuuuut....

I put up some foam to block all the light!
Still working nights -

Getting my deli on  - and protein shakes
For days when a cooked meal is not possible

I even took my sweet self to a movie - 
I am a super cheap date for sure!
Cheaper still - now that I quit my beloved glass(es) of wine

So to review -
Get out some

Relax some

Eat quality food - lamb and ham-burger

And the rest takes care of itself

How did this become a blog about getting back on track? 
I guess that is just the way it is for now!


  1. Welcome back! That burger with everything looks really good but I caution you about those rolls of ground beef...I stopped buying them when I read an article that said they used that horrible pink slime instead of real beef. You probably read about the pink slime. It was all over the news a couple years ago. Anyhoo, it's a horrible process for taking all the leftovers from the slaughter houses, grinding it up and mixing in things like ammonia to kill the bacteria (lots of) and then extruding it into these rolls & they also make it into patties which some places like McDonald's & even school lunches use...and of course grocery stores! The lovely USDA(evil food lords) of course gives them the right to call it beef! Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings! :(

    Do you take supplements? D3 & magnesium (not oxide) are good for stress & sleep. Glad you're back on track though, keep up the good work.

  2. Happy to see you blogging again.

  3. Hey Anne, been a long time since I've taken the time to do any blogging, well reading really.
    Stress is a butt kicker to say the least. Since last July I have fallen and can't get up. I am so glad you are taking care of yourself.

  4. I wish I lived near you so I could come over when you barbecue!!!

  5. ok...that was me, nancy, talking about barbecue.....I had to go change my name from "goodnight" lol sorry

  6. Good to see you back! I'm going to have to try those onion rings :)

  7. Welcome back, Anne! I thought about you a week or so ago when I finally got to see Wicked! It was AMAZING! I see now how come you enjoyed it so! Hope all is well.

  8. There you are! Bacon wrapped onion rings. I must know how to make those. They look delicious. I made them once with Parmesan cheese as the coating…but bacon must be a real party. Just made some devilled eggs for lunch…and naturally I thought of you while I was doing it!


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