21 June 2014

inigo montoya and my high school reunion

Ah - yes -
Ye Olde High School Re-Union

First, a Selfie

A Seflie by the Wait Person -
Thanks, Liberty Burger Person!

Lamb Burger 


Split - as always
And no buns, thanks

Sherri said it was the worst thing ever
And not to have one

Rest Room

I wore my favorite name tag -
My Name Is
"Inigo Montoya"

And I went around shaking hands, and telling people 
"You killed my father.
Prepare to die."

But, sadly, no one got me.
One lady even said
"Well.... um.... Inigo,
I am sorry about your dad, but..."

Ah, well.....
Her response must have been  addled
From years of eating a Low Fat Diet
And having all those nasty Omega 6's in her diet!

Some of these people I knew when I started HS
When I was only 12! lol
No wonder they thought I was a goof ball...

A rare cross between a Nerd,
A Band Person, and a Self-Proclaimed Goofball!
That about sums me up!

So we did what any Foodies would have done -
We said our goodbyes and snuck off -
To Sprouts to get some Fancy Cheese and Salami 
And stuff you can't find in the regular Stores.

I accomplished my weight loss goal of losing 10 pounds
Of pure fluff - before the reunion.
My re-re-re (re-re) Induction continues.
It's great when you do it right and make it fun and easy.

Onward and Downward!


  1. Who ARE these people at your reunion? Sigh. Well, we get you, Anne. Wish it could have been more fun for you. :(

  2. It was fun - but mostly seeing the band and choir people!

  3. Amazed that nobody knew the most famous line from The Princess Bride!
    Congrats on reaching your goal!

  4. Love this post. Back at it, and life becomes more fun!!

  5. AH--Your high school folks have grown old while you remain young..that's how I fell

  6. Wow, had to go back and think about that - you weren't 12, but you were 13 when we started high school! Just a babe. You and your dimpled nerdy creative self were the darling of our class. (And after last night, now do you believe me when I said that every time I would see people they would say, "Oh, Sherri, nice to see you. Where's Anne?" *sigh*)

    1. *sigh*
      I never was any good with math...
      The darling of the class? That would be you!!

  7. Oh, Miss A…you are truly original! But I am very worried that you haven't tried Burgerfi yet.


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