07 June 2014

grill time

Lunch with Sherri

We like to get two different things

And split them - 
Lamb-burger and Bacon Cheeseburger

Liberty Burger has a little door opener 
At the bottom - so you don't have to use your hands!
Still too heavy for a foot - just saying...

When to the Butcher Shop 
And stocked up on Sausages and stuff

As hard as I tried to do without a microwave-
They are very handy

Same with this - 
Got a George Forman Grill
Just right for induction

Getting back to things I know
Works well for me - 
The Easiest Thing In The World! (link)

I like to go through Induction a few times a year.
Well, this year I NEED to go through it.

And so far, so good!
Once I got serious about it,
I have been dropping a pound a day - at least!

And just in time - My High School Anniversary is in two weeks!
Got some showing off to do!


  1. Love the bright red appliances! High school reunion…wheeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Loving the lunches, and the dinners, and the shopping, and now the grill. We're having fun!!

  3. Good for you! Good to see you back in your groove :)

  4. Love my Foreman grill too. It is so easy to use and clean. Things are going well so far with low carbing this time. I seem to have my head back in the game this time. Nothing like FEAR OF DEATH to get you motivated. LOL

  5. Oh my--love my Foremean. At home, at work--it's there! Love your retro looking microwave!! Fantastic to read your empowering words! You're on it! Good for you!!! :)

    always ;-)

  7. hi Anne, you show off at that reunion. glad you are staying on track. your always an inspiration.


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